Tsom Restaurant 933 E. University Dr., Tempe


We Are Open 10:30 AM - 10:30PM, 7 Days A Week

The eatery opened in early February and features exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes, many healthy and low-calorie,

bringing a whole new flavor to vegan dining in the Valley.

Tsom is a sister restaurant to Blue Nile Café, an Ethiopian restaurant that offers East African food, which is often vegan by nature.

Customer interest in health-conscious foods during the restaurant's 10 years led owner Chef Abel to open Tsom.

Salads prepared daily, falafel sandwiches or pita wraps, orgranic brown rice pasta's, gluten free tortilla wraps and a bar of ready-made international foods

such as Moroccan couscous, Persian quinoa, Kale Salad, Red Beets and many different hummus's. The restaurant aims to feature world cuisines,

drawing inspiration from Mexico, Italy, the Middle East and Asia. "We use those flavors and spices and bring them all together

and offer them in one place. The idea is to kind of like bring everyone together with food," Abel says.